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Since 1996, Own Your Power® Communications, Inc. has been helping entrepreneurs transform their passions into the lifestyles they deserve. We’ll EMPOWER you to gain clarity on who you truly are and prepare you to embark on a soulful journey leading to a successful and happy life.

I am proud to say that clients who have followed my guidance have been creating powerful results in their businesses and lives.  You should expect the same, so congratulations on taking a huge step toward investing in your most valuable asset. YOU!

I’m here to support you, offer you the guidance, the assistance, and the friendly push you need to stop procrastination! As your coach, I will hold you accountable and cheer you on until you succeed beyond measure. Below are my services that can help you OWN YOUR POWER! I promise you that I will be with you every step of the way to guide you down the path so that you create OUTRAGEOUS results in all areas of your life!

Your coach,
Simone Kelly


My Specialties

Intuitive Life Coaching

$129.00 for *60 mins or $65 for 30 mins. 

In your Intuitive Life coaching session, Simone will offer you guidance on finding your calling in life, business advice, relationship guidance, family issues, and dealing with recurring issues that might stem from past traumas.

When you have your session, you can rest assured, that Simone will make you feel comfortable and help ease the stress and anxiety from finding out the unknown.  

With her intuitive gifts, she offers a spiritual outlook on things and as a coach, she’ll provide you with the tools to get results quickly so that you can heal and transform. Sessions are via phone only.

Energy Balancing aka Reiki

The art and techniques of Reiki help loosen and balance energy in your body. The energy of Reiki will bring a state of deep relaxation, promote healing, relieve stress and produces an overall sense of wellness.

This treatment will leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed. The technique is completely non-invasive. Transmitted through the hands, which are placed on or above the energy centers and meridians of your body, Reiki restores a sense of well-being and balance.

  1 hour $85-come to me 1 hour $105-travel to you in Broward or Miami (Sorry, no South Miami appointments)

Business Coaching

Don't put your dreams on hold any more! Reach out to someone whose trusted services and proven techniques have helped THOUSANDS jump-start their businesses and finally take control.

Simone Kelly, The Own Your Power ® Coach and Author is ready to help you tackle your ground-breaking goals and reveal many of her secrets to help you design a blueprint for success! Have you been sitting on a business idea for years, waiting for 'someday' to come?

• Are you ready to tap into your buried treasures and FINALLY fire your boss?
• Are you sick and tired of the same lackluster results?
• Need some assistance getting out of your comfort zone to give your current business the WOW-factor that it needs in today's economy? Rates: Coaching is $199.00 per hour on phone. 

(Minimum of 2 sessions per month. Discounts available when you commit to 3 month of more) 
Unlimited email access available as well.
Payment plans available.


Have a book already self-published and it hasn’t moved much? No one knows about it besides you, family and a few friends?

Or do you even have an ‘issue’ with tooting your own horn? Not sure how to build a following?  Well, I got your back!  Let Coach Simone show you how to “PIMP” your book the right way!

• Branding Identity as author

• Advertising and Promotions

• Social Media tips and tricks

• The power of partnerships and cross promotions

• How to plan your book tour with other people’s money

• Secrets to Become an Amazon Best Seller 

• Building Your Team 

• Planning your book signing
and much more…

Investment is $399 a month with 2 sessions a month (and unlimited online access)  3-month minimum commitment. (payment plans available as well)  

Money Mindset

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Life Coaching

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